Monday, 29 May 2017

Dragon Boat Festival

Otherwise known as dumpling making season, hahaha! I didn't manage to make any dumplings/ba zhang for the past 2 years as I was overseas during the dumpling season. So this year, I made up for all of that.

Dumplings all wrapped up and ready to be boiled!

Here's the challenge. I didn't know how much of each ingredient I should get. So I wound up getting..
- 2 packets of 50pcs of leaves (fresh vacuum sealed from sheng shiong)
- 2.5kg glutinous rice (cooked a little over 2kg)
- 2.5kg lean pork (used 2kg)
- 400g dried chestnuts (only 2/3 were good)
- 140g fried onions
- 3 garlic bulbs
- 5 small onions
- 1 ball of raffia (also from sheng shiong)

Boy did I regret preparing that much rice. It was like a magic wok, NEVER ending supply of rice. Even without mushrooms and heibi, It was way too much rice! I wound up having to get more chestnuts and leaves, and I had to wrap seventy nine dumplings.

Now before I forget the lessons I've learned, next time I'll get the following..
- 2 packets of 50pcs of leaves (fresh vacuum sealed from sheng shiong)
- 1kg glutinous rice
- 1kg lean pork
- 600g mince meat
- 200g dried chestnuts
- 140g fried onions
- 2 garlic bulbs, minced
- 5 small onions, sliced
- cotton twine

And as for the seasoning..
Meat (marinate overnight)
- 4 tbsp light sauce
- 3 tbsp sugar
- 2 tbsp five spice powder
- 3 tsp salt
- 2 tsp white pepper

Rice (soak for 2 hours in the morning on the day)
- 4 tbsp soy sauce
- 2 tbsp salt
- 1 tbsp five spice powder
- 1 tsp sugar
- 2 tsp white pepper

Chestnut (1 day in advance)
Boil with 4tbsp sugar for 1 hour.

That should make about 40 dumplings. hehe! Can't wait for next year's dumpling making season!

all wrapped up here.. *grin*

Friday, 26 May 2017

Dear Friend, ..

Have you ever wished you weren't going to meet a friend? Don't get me wrong, it's not cause of dislike anything like that. Quite the opposite in fact, it's cause you really like (not as a crush la) that friend so you don't want to see said friend.  Because you can feel them slipping away; so afraid of losing them. Terrified at the thought of losing a dear friend (or two), you'd rather not see them just so you'd be able to forget about their existence. Forget that you ever had friends like them. Erasing the cause so that there'll be no effect, no heartache from the loss.

Dear Friend,
I miss you, I wish you'd stay, and maybe put in a little more effort.
It's difficult to be the only hand wanting to clap.
Even tougher to dance when you're but a soundless totem.
Dear friend, please don't disappear.

*sigh* I must have sounded like some whiny desperate brat. Yeah, friends all come and go, but that doesn't mean I won't feel sad about it.
"It's part and parcel of Life"
And I'm only human, with a human heart, with very real emotions and feelings.

.. Goodbye.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Don't blink cause it's mid-year already.

What can I say? New Year's resolution? My goodness, it's almost June! Who talks about New Year resolutions at this point? So let's call it Mid-Year Resolution Renewal. Heh. *grins*

I had thoughts of documenting my wedding journey. Ideas of documenting housing process. All the wait time, the down time, the anxious time, and more wait time. In the midst of wadding through all of that, we've nearly reached June. 3 days till my measurement taking for the pre-wedding photo shoot I did not plan on having. Just a little over 6 months till the wedding day. This could be the only record of the wedding preparations (on this blog la, how can don't have photographer on that day? already have pre-wedding liao, might as well right? haha), so better a little detail then none right? *sheepish grin*

*blink* *gasp!* oh no!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Hello 2017

The trend right now is "new year, new me", but that's not the case for me. Yeah, 2017's going to be about change. But isn't the case every year?

I figured that I should restart this blog (not going to go back to the old drafts and update those though.. I had a crazy backlog going that lead this blog into hibernation).

1 Jan 2017's hand lettering piece

There's a lot more to share, but let's leave this for now & just enjoy the pretty picture. *grins*

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

なんでもないや by RADWIMPS

なんでもないや Lyrics (Hiragana / Katakana)
Anime: 君の名は (kimi no na wa)

ふたりのあいだ とおりすぎたかぜは どこからさびしさをはこんできたの
ないたりしたそのあとのそらは やけにすきとおっていたりしたんだ

いつもはとがってたちちのことばが きょうはあたたかくかんじました
やさしさもえがおもゆめのかたりかたも しらなくてぜんぶ きみをまねたよ

もうすこしだけでいい あとすこしだけでいい もうすこしだけでいいから
もうすこしだけでいい あとすこしだけでいい
もうすこしだけ くっついていようか

ぼくらタイムフライヤー ときをかけあがるクライマー
ときのかくれんぼ はぐれっこはもういやなんだ

うれしくてなくのは かなしくてわらうのは
きみのこころが きみをおいこしたんだよ

ほしにまでねがって てにいれたオモチャも へやのすみっこにいま ころがってる
かなえたいゆめも きょうでひゃっこできたよ たったひとつといつか こうかんこしよう

いつもはしゃべらないあのこにきょうは ほうかご「またあした」とこえをかけた
なれないこともたまにならいいね とくにあなたが となりにいたら

もうすこしだけでいい あとすこしだけでいい もうすこしだけでいいから
もうすこしだけでいい あとすこしだけでいい

ぼくらタイムフライヤー きみをしっていたんだ
ぼくが ぼくのなまえを おぼえるよりずっとまえに

きみのいない せかいにも なにかのいみはきっとあって
でもきみのいない せかいなど なつやすみのない はちがつのよう

きみのいない せかいなど わらうことない サンタのよう
きみのいない せかいなど

ぼくらタイムフライヤー ときをかけあがるクライマー
ときのかくれんぼ はぐれっこはもういやなんだ

なんでもないや やっぱりなんでもないや

ばくらタイムフライヤー ときをかけあがるクライマー
ときのかくれんぼ はぐれっこ はもういいよ

きみははでなクライヤー そのなみだ とめてみたいな
だけど きみはこばんだ こぼれるままのなみだをみてわかった

うれしくてなくのは かなしくて わらうのは
ばくのこころが ぼくをおいこしたんだよ